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When we age things change. If you know, you know. Maybe you are a person that has weathered the aging process with little to no consequence, or maybe you are having experiences that are a bit alarming or concerning. Like not being able to recall the name of an object, or you forget where you’re driving. Perhaps you shrug these things off and remember how your parents or grandparents used to do the same thing. Or it could concern you they used to do the same thing due to their own health issues you know about.

Either way, any hint of cognitive decline while we age can be concerning and upsetting. A quick google search on preventing cognitive decline will provide you with supplements, and diets and all manner of remedies. Following a healthy diet, and properly caring for yourself are important, there is something you can add to the routine. One easy and practical thing you can do to help prevent cognitive decline. Get an annual hearing test, and treat any hearing issues.

The links between cognitive decline aren’t conjecture. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine untreated hearing loss is associated with a faster rate of deterioration in the brain. This could be due to a number of factors related to hearing loss. Nonetheless, across multiple scientific studies there is a correlation between hearing loss and cognitive decline.

Maybe you’re looking for some answers to questions. Perhaps you are simply looking for valid reasons behind experiences or symptoms you may be having. You are navigating and getting answers to your questions which is an excellent start. Next, give us a call and book an appointment. An annual hearing test is suggested for all those over 60 and if you work or have worked in noisy environments you should get tested regardless of age.

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