Hearing Aid Tune-Ups

How Are Your Hearing Devices Performing? Introducing Manny’s Hearing Aid “Tune-Ups”

One of the biggest challenges with our hearing is that measuring the small differences can be very difficult, especially if the small differences occur over time.

This is the main reason why many hearing devices can start to underperform, yet you may not notice any distinguishable differences.

Yet if your devices continue to decline in performance, then your ears have to work harder and it results in your devices not achieving their objective.

This is why Manny Ocano from Hear With Manny introduced his ‘Hearing Aid Tune-Up Service’.

This unique service allows Manny – a highly experienced hearing aid expert – to visit you at your home/place of work and carry out a comprehensive “tune-up” of your hearing devices.

What Happens At A Tune Up?

  • Listening check – For the current quality of sound
  • Inspect instrument for physical wear / visual cerumen (ear wax) impact
  • Special vacuums for removing cerumen (ear wax) from those hard to reach places
  • UV disinfection and quick dehumidification
  • Diagnostic hearing evaluation
  • Real Ear Measurement – Measurement of the sound level produced by the hearing instrument actually reaching the eardrum in comparison to the hearing evaluation results
  • Explanation of all the results
  • A printed report of the results from the hearing evaluation & hearing instrument performance analysis

Expert consultation and quote given for best next step to better hearing. This will vary depending on the issue, age, and model of the devices.

  • Average Price Per Unit For:

>   Refurbish ~ $300 – $400

>  Minor Repair ~$150

>  Reprogramming ~$120 (price includes 2 hearing aids)

>  1 Year ongoing support – $320

> Demo new Technology *FREE

*Loaners provided if instruments need to get shipped out.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to be there while your hearing devices are having their factory cleaning, but when it comes to evaluating your hearing, then unless you have a clone, then we’ll need you for 20 minutes.

To carry out such sophisticated cleanings, professional-grade equipment is provided that Manny will bring a long. But don’t worry, he won’t be carrying a sound-booth on his back or replicate a hearing care clinic within your kitchen – all equipment is small and carried in a single bag.

Manny travels in his car – there is no branding and/or indication that you are receiving a visit from anybody other than a friend.

Safety is paramount. Manny will be wearing a face mask and gloves with all equipment being thoroughly sanitized before and after your appointment. Manny is also regularly tested and closely monitors his own health before ever visiting a patient.

What’s The Investment?

A professional hearing aid “tune-up” is $150.00.

However, until the end of February 2021, Manny is offering these comprehensive “tune-ups” for just $29.00 with no hidden fees.

Why so low? Well, this is Manny’s way of putting his best foot forward and showing you the benefits of receiving hearing care at your convenience rather than travelling to a busy clinic or having to sit in traffic across town. He hopes that this will be the start of a long relationship.

If you are ready to book your “tune-up” complete the form on this page and I will get back to you to book your visit.