All Ears Club

The Smart Way to Receive Personalized Hearing Care

Whether you’re an existing hearing aid wearer or you’re looking to take your first step toward better hearing – I’m delighted that you’re on this page exploring your options.

Because although many people often just visit their local audiologist or continue to receive lackluster ongoing care around their provider’s busy schedule, there is another way.

It’s called the “All Ears Club.”

This is a solution built around your preferences because I’ve always believed there was a better way.

You don’t want to have to travel across town for appointments, and you don’t want to pay expensive “bundled” fees to have things that you don’t need. You just want hearing care that delivers what you need in a convenient way for a fair price.

This is your way to receive all the support, care, and expertise that you could ever need in exchange for a small annual fee.

What Does Membership Include?

Unlimited Consultations (Worth $275)

Need help? Have a question? You’ll be able to schedule consultations to speak to me, whether on the phone or in person to receive advice, support, and care whenever you need it.

Ongoing Hearing Evaluations (Worth $175)

Regularly testing your hearing is an important part of ensuring that your hearing technology is correctly programmed and working to the best of its ability. As a member, you’ll receive complimentary hearing evaluations annually (or more frequently depending on circumstances).

Member-Only Discounts On Technology (Worth Up To $2600)

With savings up to 40%, members will receive access to trade prices on hearing technology, allowing you to step into new technology for significantly lower than anywhere else.

Demo New Hearing Technology (Worth $150)

You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, and we don’t expect you to invest in new hearing technology without first having a trial. As a member, you’ll be able to walk away with new technology for 7 to 14-day test drives to see if it’s right for you before investing.

Fittings Of New Technology (Worth $1330)

When you invest in new technology through your member-only pricing, you will be professionally fitted with advanced practices, such as Real Ear Measurements, allowing you to have the perfect fit to deliver the best possible performance.

Tele Audiology Appointments (Worth $160)

If you need help, adjustments, or support, then you can schedule a Tele Audiology appointment where I can help you remotely. This saves you from travelling across town and allows you to get quick, convenient help when you need it, no matter where you are in the world.

Professional Hearing Device Cleanings (Worth $150)

Throughout the year, you will be able to have your hearing devices professionally cleaned to ensure that they continue to perform to their best standard. This ensures that parts that can experience wear & tear are properly maintained.

Devices Repairs (Worth Up To $1640)

If you invested in your technology within 4 years, you will receive inclusive repairs of your devices. Whether they have randomly had challenges, been damaged, or have been dropped in the bath – all repairs will be fully inclusive.

Multi-Point Reprogramming (Worth $70)

Following a hearing assessment, your devices will need reprogramming to be in line with your latest audiogram. This is fully inclusive as a member.

Replacement Loaner Devices (Worth $150)

If your devices require advanced repair, then you will be supplied with a replacement pair or new technology to wear until you receive your devices back from the manufacturer. This is fully included as a member.

The Investment to Join The ‘All Ears Club’

To invest in all of the annual services that are included, as well as your member-only discount
on technology, this equals over $5,290 in annual costs.

However, as a member, you can receive my ‘All Inclusive’ care for just $320 per year.

Learn More About The ‘All Ears Club’

If you’re interested in learning how you can join the “All Ears Club” – then it would be a pleasure to speak to you.

Please complete this form and I’ll call you for a friendly no-obligation conversation to explain how it works.

If you decide that it’s right for you, then I’ll share how you can join and schedule your initial consultation.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.