Ever since ReSound launched the debut Made for iPhone (MFi) hearing aids, more brands have embraced this smart technology that boasts superior accessibility features.

Made for iPhone hearing devices steps up Bluetooth technology, offering users great convenience.

Users can connect their iPhone, among other Apple products, directly to the aids and stream audio without the need for an intermediary streamer.

Most of my patients say they love the MFi hearing devices for their portability and quality sound output. Nonetheless, the devices are susceptible to technical issues from time to time, like any other technology.

Common hearing aid issues revolve around connectivity and adjusting challenges, but it’s nothing major. With some simple troubleshooting tips, the patients can resolve the issues and continue enjoying their device use.

However, there has been a massive outcry over sound issues on MFi hearing aids from users using iPhone 12.

At first, most users expressed fears that the hearing devices were broken.

But the issues have been reported across all major MFi brands – ReSound, Signia, Bernafon, Oticon, Starkey, etc. when synced to iPhone 12 models (iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max).

Though you may experience issues like interrupted or intermittent audio, garbled audio, or loud static after syncing your MFi device to an iPhone 12, these do not originate from the hearing aids but the phone.

Actually, Apple acknowledged the problem, which includes issues with the lock screen and MMS delivery in addition to the sound problem.

From user forums, especially this Apple discussion forum, the problem seems to be a case of phone model-operating system compatibility.

One user who had upgraded from iPhone 11 to iPhone 12 reported having had no sound issues with the former model, which was running on the same operating system (OS), iOS 14, as the latter.

However, Apple promised to fix the issue through future OS updates.

The release of iOS 14.1 was highly anticipated to address the issues, but some users reported that the problems persisted even after running the update.

Apple released yet another update, iOS 14.2.1, with the hope of fixing the issues. According to this support article, the company confirmed that updating your iPhone 12’s OS to version 14.2.1 or higher will help resolve the sound issues on your MFi.

If you’re not familiar with running OS updates on your Apple products, follow the steps in this article.

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I am not just interested in fixing you with the perfect hearing aids; my mission goes deeper than that.

I take my patients’ hearing health into my hands to ensure they continue enjoying active lifestyles throughout our partnership.

My care is personalized and convenient, allowing both physical and remote sessions. This means you can reach out to me for help no matter where you are in the world.

Besides troubleshooting connectivity and other issues, I also repair, clean, and service hearing aids.

In other words,  I am here to ensure you continue enjoying the powerful hearing aid technology despite any technical limitations that may arise along the journey.

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