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We all love our family and friends and it can be difficult when we see that they are experiencing hearing loss. Hearing loss can affect day to day life and communication. You know they need help, but you’re not sure what to do, or say to encourage them to seek help or treatment.

In this article, I have compiled some tips to help you to encourage your loved ones to seek help.

1. Educate yourself

Before you can talk to your loved ones, you need to understand what hearing loss is. There are a lot of myths surrounding hearing loss and you need to dispel them.

2. Understand the severity of hearing loss

There are three levels of hearing loss, mild, moderate and severe. Mild hearing loss is where you can hear loud sounds but not the voice. Moderate hearing loss is where you can hear normal voices but not the loud sounds. Severe hearing loss is where you cannot hear the voice.

3. Ask questions

You need to ask your loved ones how they feel about their hearing loss. This will help you to know what you should say to them.

4. Be honest

Your loved ones need to know you are there for them. They need to know that you are willing to help them. If you are honest, they will understand that you are willing to support them.

5. Be supportive

You need to be supportive, but don’t be overbearing. You can help your loved ones by offering them the right information. You can even offer to help them with their hearing aids.

6. Encourage them to seek help

You can also encourage your loved ones to seek help. You can help them by telling them that they can go to a hearing aid clinic or even to a doctor for further evaluation.


These are the 6 simple steps to help your loved ones understand hearing loss. You can also use these steps to help your loved ones understand other disabilities or health issues. If a member of your family is experiencing hearing loss, call today and make an appointment with your local hearing care specialist.

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