Technological advancements have greatly enhanced the hearing and communication capabilities of the hard of hearing people.

For instance, digital hearing aids incorporate features such as Bluetooth technology for connecting to devices like stereo, TV, tablet, etc.

Other superior features include sound direction detection, wind reduction to enhance sound quality, among others.

These innovations have improved the lives of hard of hearing people in amazing ways.

Tech giant, Google, has pulled their weight behind hearing aid technology, again.

Their latest innovation is their Android smartphone feature, Sound Notifications.

What Are Sound Notifications?

Sound Notifications is an Android’s smartphone feature designed to help people with hearing challenges stay on the alert.

The feature captures attention-worthy sounds that hard of hearing people might not be able to detect.

Once it’s turned on, it transcribes conversations and other surrounding sounds in real-time and pops the text on the phone’s screen.

In addition to getting a live feed, you can go back in history (up to 12 hours, presently) to check and evaluate past events.

For instance, you can establish your baby’s cry was triggered by the doorbell ring, and so forth.

What Do I Need To Start Using Sound Notifications?

As earlier mentioned, Sound Notifications is an Android smartphone’s feature. So, you need to have an Android smartphone to start getting sound notifications.

All you need to do is activate the feature on your phone by following some simple steps.

Once you activate Sound Notifications, you’ll be prompted to choose the sounds to detect and how you wish to get notifications.

The feature detects ten different sounds, including sirens, baby sounds, appliance beeps, doorbell rings, knocks, running water, smoke, and fire alarms.

You can choose to get notifications through phone vibration, flashing light, or by connecting to a wearable, like Google’s Wear OS.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Sound Notifications And Other Hearing Devices

  • Safety

Hearing devices are crucial in alerting hard of hearing people about possible risky situations, like fire in the house, security alarm beeps, and many other hazardous situations.

Before the technological advancements, hard of hearing people relied on their other senses, or people, to alert them of safety threats.

But with gadget features like Android’s Sound Notifications and alert systems like Clarity Alertmaster or Bellman Visit that notify you of crucial sounds, you can live independently without putting your safety at risk.

  • Communication

Social alienation has been one of the greatest pains for hard of hearing people. However, with modern hearing aids, you can adjust the settings for different environments. More recent innovations have automatic features, meaning you don’t have to adjust the settings manually. They analyze the sounds and adjust automatically so you can have conversations without straining or shouting.

  • Convenience

Incorporating the latest trends in technology in hearing devices is affording hard of hearing people privileges that were unthinkable years back. With Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy music and receive TV sounds in your hearing aid. Likewise, the ability to link your assistive device to your smartphone to receive important sound notifications is a welcome convenience.


Technology has improved the quality of life of the hard of hearing community in ways that were never thought possible.

With the release of Android’s Sound Notifications feature that can alert you about crucial sounds even when you’re sleeping, there’s no telling how much the future holds.

One thing is certain, though; the hearing and communication capabilities of the hard of hearing people will even get better.

The ability to link digital hearing aids to communication and alert systems is a huge leap for the hard of hearing community. Indeed, the future looks bright.

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